About me

I have always been fascinated with the interactions between the the body and mind, and have always known that this was my dharma. This is reflected in my studies in Exercise Physiology as well as Psychology, and my doctorate in Physical Therapy. I have since specialized in treating the pelvic floor and chronic pain.

After obtaining my doctorate, I attended a yoga class and appreciated the physical benefits of the practice as well as the emotional and spiritual aspect that is absent from a regular “ workout”.  I obtained my yoga certification RYT-200 in 2015.  With this training, I was introduced to the physiological benefits of the quiet, restful, supported practice of restorative yoga. 

I now use the connection of these two disciplines to empower my clients to build physical awareness and to minimize and prevent injuries with the knowledge given. As a yogi, I incorporate an individualized holistic approach to treatment: addressing the body, mind and spirit. As a Physiotherapist, I am able to inform these offerings with the science of movement, biomechanics, kinesiology and anatomy.

I spend my free time outside chasing the sunshine and waves with my husband and our 3 dogs. Be it internationally or locally,  I am always up for a new  adventure. In one way or another my adventures always lead me back to my practice. Yoga is my “soul food”. It allows me to ground, center and be nourished from the inside out. In doing so, I am able to better serve others and continue to pay all the goodness forward.